The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

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" Parsley's Tail "   and   " Parsley's Good Deed "

A pair of hardbacks,published by the BBC in 1969.

Written by Michael Bond,and illustrated by a man simply called "Esor",who also worked on the annuals.
And a straight re-telling of the first 2 Herbs episodes.

The 2nd episode was actually called "Sage's Nest Blows Down",rather than "Parsley's Good Deed".
And the cover shows his "good deed",which was to levitate Sage's nest back up into the tree using Pashana Bedhi's "magic snake charming pipe".

Both books are about 9" x 7"..... run to about 26 pages ...... and have artwork only -ie. no stills.

Both are very similar in format & style,so this double page interior pic is representative of both here

" Parsley's Last Stand "     and     " Parsley's Problem Present "   shown below

Again a set of just 2 hardback books and once again published by the BBC,only this time in 1970.
Still written by Michael Bond [which was not the case with all the written merchandise]
But,unlike the 2 examples above,there are colour photos lifted directly from the series footage,rather than just illustrations.

Each one re-tells an episode from The Adventures of Parsley - "Cowboys and Indians" and "Sage's Birthday"
The latter being the classic one where Parsley and Dill decide Sage's present should be a knitted balaclava [as you would.]

They're both about 7.5" x 8" and 16 pages long.
Only 3 of the books/annuals etc featured still photos using the original models and sets -these 2,plus the board book (below)
So that does tend to make them more desirable from an adult nostalgia perspective

Both are very similar in format & style,so this one double page interior shot is representative of both - here.
Parsley's Last Stand 

" Indians ! he howled.
I think I'd better bury my bones while the going's good ! 
And he disappeared behind his kennel so fast he almost left
his tail behind "

Parsley's Problem Present

" Isn't it amazing, he exclaimed, turning to Dill in disgust.
That's the trouble with owls-
they're either awake & grumbling all the time or they don't give a 
hoot because they're asleep "
The Herbs board book   left

This old ebay photo is the only time I've ever seen this one.
And I've no interior pics as yet.
But I've managed to establish it was published in 1968 by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited and is about 7.5" x 7"

It's a simple story book,but elevated above the norm for 2 reasons:-

1] because it not only has colour photos,but ones that were specially staged and shot using the original models and sets rather than lifted from the actual series footage.


2] its pages are made out of really thick,stiff card for some strange reason -never has "board book" been more accurate !
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" The Adventures of Parsley "  right

7 short stories in this 1972 Dean and Son hardback.
Neither the writing nor the illustrations are credited,and the stories don't seem to mirror any from the tv series.

But Dean often used freelance as well as in-house artists and writers,which is presumably what happened with this one.
Despite the lack of stills the artwork is nice and colourful.
It measures about 8.5" x 9.5" and runs to approximately 20 pages.

A representative double page interior shot is here