The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley   Classic BBC kid's animation by Michael Bond
On this page ..... All the dvds:- The most recent complete boxset,plus the 5 commercially released titles and 3 newspaper giveaways that preceded it.             VHS:-"The Herbs" VHS videos are HERE and  "The Adventures of Parsley" ones HERE
Adventures of P. - " Works of Art by Dill "
Released on February 12th,2007
Abbey Home Media ref. - AHEDVD 3207
EAN number - 5012106932074
One Disc - Total run time approx.62 mins

1. Works of Art by Dill
2. The Crystal Ball
3. Dill's Day
4. The Quiz
5. Dill's Television
6. Eggs and the Golf ball
7. On Strike
8. The Pop Group
Compilation dvd (including other series)
"Santa's Favourites" was a compilation dvd released at the end of 2006,featuring seasonal episodes
from lots of different Filmfair series -including one from The Adventures of Parsley.
So a similar "taster" idea to the newspaper freebies,except that this was a commercial release.

And,if you ever needed proof of Filmfair's contribution to kids tv,then how's this for a cv.......
The Adventures of Parsley,The Wombles,Paddington Bear,Huxley Pig,Nellie the Elephant,The Perishers
Oh,and Moschops.
Moschops  ? A mid-80's effort featuring colourful,cuddly dinosaurs.Good fun too,allbeit one of the less
successful efforts.
And,all-in-all,this is a great little window into what kids' animation used to be like before CGI.
And a fitting way to end the page I think.
Complete Boxset
After some piecemeal releases ,which are all listed below ,a complete boxset finally arrived on May 19th, 2008.

Abbey Home Media reference  no. - AHEDVD 3319

EAN number - 5012106933194

Disc 1 - All 13 Herbs episodes         Disc 2 - All 32 Adventures of Parsley episodes

Total Running Time - Approx. 3 Hours 20 Minutes.              Extras - None

NOTE  There was a problem with the first batch of pressings.Episode 7 of The Herbs, "Miss Jessop Tidies Up" ended abruptly lopping off the last few minutes of footage.
And whilst it was obviously rectified for subsequent pressings,the distributors AbbeyHomeMedia were offering a free replacement if you contacted Lizzie Haines.
The 5 previous releases
Obviously,the arrival of the boxset has made these somewhat redundant.
That said,they're still handy if you just want a taster rather than every single episode.
Of course,ideally we'd have gone straight to the boxset,and bypassed these completely.Then again,if they hadn't sold well we would never have got a boxset.And it's not hard to see the commercial logic behind it all.
Adventures of P.- " Cowboys and Indians "
Released on February 27th,2006
Abbey Home Media ref.- AHEDVD 3172
EAN number - 5012106931725
One Disc - Total run time - approx. 60 mins.

1.   Cowboys and Indians
2.   Aunt Mint's Barbecue Party
3.   Toothache
4.   Dill's Who's Who Entry
5.   Parsley's Invention of a Mechanical Dog
6.   Holiday's at Home
7.   Parsley at a Loose End
8.   Dill's Restaurant
9.   Sage's Birthday
10. Buried Bones
11. The Conch Shell
12. Putting on a Show
" Parsley the Lion & The Herbs "

A mix of both series and the first ever dvd release.

Release Date - Unknown. But deleted Autumn 2005

Universal reference - 822 342 4

EAN number - 5050582234244

One Disc. Total run time - approx. 52 mins.

Extras - none

The later dvds brought out by Abbey Home Media clearly proved the market was there for the product. But,for whatever reason, Universal chose not to follow up this release.
But at least it remains the only dvd of the bunch where you can get a flavour of both series on the same disc.
Free promotional dvd's
Distributor,AbbeyHomeMedia,has the rights to handle the entire Filmfair back-catalogue,and not just the 2 Herbs series.And these dvds were given away by newspapers as part of a promotional blitz to publicise the company's own retail website as much as anything.Although as it only sells stuff they have the rights to and isn't any cheaper than the big online retailers,then I'm not sure why anyone would bother quite frankly.
But fair do's.They were free and it was clearly a great way of re-igniting grown-up interest.And may also have persuaded a few of their kids that some "old" stuff is at least watchable,and that animation isn't all about CGI
Although I'm not holding my breath about the latter sadly.A lot of kids even think Wallace & Gromit is CGI  !
The Express Herbs dvd had 2 episodes.

The Express Adventures of Parsley dvd had 6

And both came out in August 2007

The Times one had 5 Herbs episodes
And came out in January 2008
The Herbs -" Parsley's Tail "
Released on February 27th,2006
Abbey Home Media ref. - AHEDVD 3152
EAN number - 5012106931527
One Disc. Total run time - approx. 70 mins

1. Parsley's Tail
2. Sage's Nest Blows Down
3. Belladonna the Witch
4. Tarragon and the Eggs
5. The Chives Catch Colds

The Herbs  -" The Snake Charmer "
Released on February 12th,2007
Abbey Home Media ref. - AHEDVD 3208
EAN Number- 5012106932081
One Disc.  Total run time - approx. 50 mins

1. Pashana Bedhi,the Snake Charmer
2. Miss Jessop Tidies Up
3. Parsley and the Circus Lion
4. Sage's Singing Lesson
5. Strawberry Picking
8 x Adventures of P. episodes

1. Sage's Birthday
2. Buried Bones
3. The Conch Shell
4. Putting on a Show
5. Works of Art by Dill
6. The Crystal Ball
7. Dill's Day
8. The Quiz
2 x Herbs

1. The Birthday Party
2. Tarragon & the Egg
The "First time on DVD" sleeve note is wishful thinking. Because it was only the 1st time the series had been released by AbbeyHomeMedia,but NOT the 1st time on the one below proves.
Maybe said in ignorance but more likely to be some marketing men attempting to re-write history.