The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

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The two series managed a very respectable run of 7 annuals.

And it only came to an end when the tv repeats became too infrequent to fuel sufficient demand.
Truely a case of tv giveth and tv taketh away !

Annuals were invariably printed the year prior to their designation.So a 1970 Annual would usually have a 1969 print and/or copyright date,and so on.
And only worth mentioning because it often causes confusion when the year isn't actually specified on the cover and people wrongly use the print date instead.

Top, left to right  = 1969 to 1972.     Bottom, left to right = 1973 to 1975
Activity books- here                       Picture story books- here                       Pop-ups- here                       Paperbacks- here
These 7 annuals are all very similar in format ie. Stories mixed with lots of interactive bits like colouring-in,things to make etc.       
So .......... These 3 interior pics from the 1972 one are fairly typical of all of them -  1    2    3

The 2 series also featured in the Pippin Annual from 1971 to 1976 -both inclusive.

And in it's sister publication,the Playland Annual,from 1969 to 1975 -both inclusive.

And in the Beeb's own 1976 Watch With Mother annual.Although I've yet to establish if they were in any of the 4 years that followed,before it ceased publication.

​Just a couple of things to finish with for now ....

The Pippin & Playland comics have their own pages,accessible via the main toy,book menu page

Below is an ad for the 1973 annual that appeared in the 16th Dec.1972 issue of Playland .... just so you could still give mum a nudge in time for christmas !