The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley
 On this page  .....  Various ways people have found to pay hommage to the series. And in no particular order.

Small children must've loved it.
And I'd like to think most adults appreciated it too,whether they knew anything about the series or not.
Although I've yet to establish if there's any particular reason why The Herbs were chosen.

Parsley,Dill and Bayleaf the gardener are all represented in "person".
A lot of the other characters are given a nod too by the inclusion of their namesake plants,although not all.As things like onions and chives appear to be missing.Which may have been purely for practical reasons,as they can look untidy quite early in the season.But I'm only guessing.
There's also a sensible bit of non-herbal pragmatism with the use of things like the grey Sempervivum House Leeks along the edges and the blue festuca grass to form Dill's hair.

All-in-all a really nice bit of work,and hats off to all those responsible.
In fact,hats off to all our Parks Departments up and down the country.
Because.whilst we're sometimes slow to appreciate what we have,we're only too quick to notice it when it's gone.

There's more about the display here including how it also featured at Chelsea in 2014 !

Below is a photo montage of it being planted-up,courtesy of The Bath Chronicle.
And a pic of it all planted-up,but only early in the season is here,courtesy of Andy Wright at
Photos courtesy of Sally Ilett

When you view the close-ups,
remember these are living plants.
So you can't expect every single leaf
to be exactly where it should be.
One of the downsides of the CGI worlds served up by the likes of Pixar is that we subconsciously expect visions of perfection as standard these days.
Next .... Some Homemade toys.

I'll let the lady responsible tell her own story (Judi is based in the USA,hence the "Essex" & "Brit" comments)

Quote:- I wish I would have known the Herbs when I was young but,alas,I only met them a few years back.
My closest friend,Rebecca,(an Essex girl) introduced me to them & some others including the Clangers,Mr Turnip,Noddy, Pinky & Perky,Muffin,Bleep & Booster,Torchy & Basil Brush to name a few.
Although we are adults (allegedly) we both have an affinity for the stories & characters of our youth.
When I met the Herbs,it was love at first sight.
Parsley especially seemed so sweet and somehow familiar.
After watching countless episodes,I knew I had to try to "build" a Parsley for Rebecca.And,early in 2011,I did just that.
I also made a Sage to keep him company.

I posted a couple of pics on flickr and about a year later was contacted by Dawn (another Brit).
She's got quite a collection and commissioned me to build her the three Herbs in the photo.

I always meant to make some of the others but,well,you know how it is.I adore the little Chives and,oh,that Tarragon the Dragon ! 

Ha,maybe someday I will get around to it. End quote
More to follow .... as and when .... and if you have a suggestion the email is on the home page.
This first offering is the sort of thing that just puts a smile on your face.
A centrepiece display lovingly put together in 2013 by the Bath & North East Somerset Council's parks department.
Unsurprisingly it won a gold award in the RHS Britain in Bloom competition,
And the Royal Horticultural Society know their onions !

Large floral bedding displays had their heyday in Victorian times of course,when labour was cheap and budgetry concerns were usually secondary in matters of civic pride.
But many Parks Departments are still doing their best to keep the tradition alive.