The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

On this page ...... the only series-specific vinyl record release,plus one theme tune compilation
Adventures of Parsley LP

It's sometimes easy to forget that in the time before cd's,and right upto the 1980's,most kids tv series usually had some kind of spin-off vinyl record.Anything from a single of the theme tune to the re-telling of complete episodes -as is the case here.

It's the only piece of vinyl specifically devoted to either series,so there's nothing at all for The Herbs.

But,fortunately,the sequel's far better-suited to some visual-free verbals in any case.
And I can highly recommend it,even to an adult.
Because without the "distraction" of the pictures,you can fully appreciate the quality of Michael Bond's writing which,it should be remembered,had to cater for an adult audience too because of the sequel's original early evening timeslot.
And Gordon Rolling's narrative performance just helps to cement the overriding feeling that kids' storytelling on vinyl is just so darn evocative.

All of which is great if you've got a record player of course.And,thankfully,it's less of a niche item than I'd imagined.
 Because,in the audio world,vinyl is once again "the new black",with interest spiralling in recent years.
And it's nice to think that examples like this one can still be sourced and enjoyed for just a few pounds.

Details     12" Vinyl LP     BBC Records,'Roundabout' Series No.18     Mono.     1973 release date.

Children's TV Favourites LP

Admittedly this one is a little tenuous,because it's just a compilation album of kid's tv signature tunes.
But The Adventures of Parsley theme is on there,so here it is.

And there's quite a nice cross-section on offer actually.
Although it's a rather bizarre experience if you listen to it all the way through in one go.
But if you tell your doctor "it hurts when I do this" then don't be surprised if he simply says "well,don't do it then !"

One other thing I should really do is Google Track 9,Side One,as I won't be the only one who's never heard of it.
But I haven't bothered,simply because the truth will be far less entertaining than the conjecture.

And if you think you've also seen this on cassette,then you'd be right.But it's considerably harder to find for some reason.

Details     12" Vinyl LP GH547     Pye Records Label under their "Golden Hour" banner.     1972 release.     60 minutes.
Side One

1)    Sesame Street
2)    The Tra-La-La Song
3)    Play School & Magic Roundabout
4)    Rupert the Bear
5)    The Cuckoo Clock
6)    Medley -Joe & Trumpton
7)    Hatty Town
8)    Felix the Cat
9)    Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole
10)  Sir Prancelot
11)  Old MacDonald
12)  Parsley
13)  Jackanory
14)  Oh Susanah
15)  Shaun the Leprechaun
16)  Andy Pandy

Side Two

1)     Dr.Who
2)     Scooby Doo (Where Are You)
3)     Thunderbirds
4)     Bonanza
5)     Aqua Marina (from 'Stingray')
6)     Captain Scarlet
7)     The Virginian
8)     Lidsville
9)     Pink Panther
10)   Song of the Diddymen
11)   Maverick
Side One 

1)  The Conch Shell
2)  Dill's Who's Who Entry
3)  The Theatre Show
4)  Dill's Paintings
5)  Fortune Telling

Side Two

1)  The Quiz Programme
2)  Dill's Laundry
3)  Parsley's Illness
4)  Dill's Pop Group
5)  Mr.Onion's Karate Lesson.
 Back of sleeve. Large pic,fully legible .....
 But your browser may auto reduce it.