The original Herbs puppets  ....  2023

The original Herbs puppets were put on display to the general public from 8th June to 13th September 2023. Photo

Part of a Royal Horticultural Society exhibition called "Growing Up in the Garden" at the RHS Gardens in Wisley,Surrey.

Site news  ....  2023

1 ) The site has a new url of

Largely as a result of a change of listing policy by Google. Same site,just a different url.

And ...

2 ) The main font for the entire site has been changed to the one you're now reading.

It's just as mainstream as its predecessor.
But its a much more recent introduction that offers 2 main advantages over its older counterpart ....

1. It's more adaptable to all the different types of viewing hardware we use now.


2. It's generally considered to be a nicer reading experience.

New book .... 2020

After decades of inactivity ....  a fairly seismic event for this particular bit of Michael Bond's back-catalogue.

The result of a re-appraisal of his other work following the success of the 2 Paddington movies.

A toe-in-the-water release to see if it could still strike a chord with a modern audience.

But ..... Fast forward 3 years .....

And,sadly,it would seem it didn't - or,at least,not in sufficient numbers.

Because it's been unearily quiet ever since.

But,for the record ....

It was a mix of old and new.
With a collection of the original stories,but all accompanied by brand new illustrations.

Publication date ( worldwide )- 12th November 2020.     Hardback .... 224 pages.     ISBN: 9780007982974

The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley
 On this page  .....  Please don't expect too much here,as it is 50+ years after the event !  But ....