Site overhaul .......

I've recently finished a complete overhaul of the site.

Some recurring software gliches have now been fixed. [random appearance of misaligned and odd sized text]
And every page has been thoroughly re-appraised,updated and refreshed -both with regard to the layout and the content.

It's a constant challenge to make any site 100% compatible with all platforms and browsers.
Quite apart from making sure it's interesting and informative.
But I do my best !

And .....

New book [published Nov.2020]  ......

Well,"new" as in old stories with new illustrations.

But anything to bring them to a new audience has to be good news.

Click on the pic to go the relevant page on the trade bible "Bookseller" site. And Google the illustrator
to see some stuff he's done about it on social media too.