Most self-respecting 1960's or 70's pre-school series usually had some sort of bedside lamp or light shade in their merchandise portfolio.
And The Herbs were no exception,with this 1971 example.
Packet contents :-
4 panels featuring Parsley,
3 with Sage,
3 with Belladonna the Witch,
and 2 blank pieces that made up the top and bottom.

Lovely bright and crisp artwork,but you only got one design for each character. So all the Parsley panels were the same,as were those for Sage and Belladonna.

An interesting choice to use Belladonna at all quite frankly (Dill ?) And not the nicest image to send junior off to sleep with (sweet dreams !)

It's also a bit surprising that they chose to brand it as The Herbs and not The Adventures Of Parsley,which had only come out a year earlier.

Very much of its' time,and yet still a pretty timeless design.
     The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley   Classic BBC kid's animation by Michael Bond
On this page ..... A plastic lampshade produced by Plug Publications Limited in 1971
Above -The artist is uncredited,but they look very similar,styllistically,to some of the stuff found in the books and comics.

Below - The information below was printed on the back of the packaging card.And,as they produced many different versions of the same shade,they just photographed a plain one so they could use the same instruction panel each time -except for the addition of the relevant copyright information.
But it doesn't take too much imagination to picture what The Herbs one would've looked like made up.Or to realise that they weren't designed with dust-conscious mums in mind !