The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley   Classic BBC kid's animation by Michael Bond
On this page ..... Here are all 3 sets that were produced - a total of 11 individual jigsaws.
Next to the obligatory books and annuals,jigsaws were the most common bits of merchandise for kids tv series in the 60's and 70's.
And I've always found that strange,because I've never actually met anyone who admits to asking for one.Which could mean one of 3 things of course:-
1) The miniscule sample of people I have actually asked over the years proves absolutely nothing
2) a lot of us are in denial (as if it's something we actually should be embarassed about admitting !)
Or, 3) the vast majority of sales were driven by well-meaning parents who thought they were helping to develop their kids' intellect and powers of concentration in some small way.An attempt to balance out the more inane items that always filled out the 20 places above "jigsaw" on most kid's wishlist.
For every Slinky,a jigsaw...for every Kerplunk,a Chemistry set,and so on.
And fair do's.Because tetanus jabs and trips to the dentist weren't much fun either,but time teaches you to be damn grateful for the love behind the act.

But,whatever the truth,let's feel some 60's love in the house and get "jiggy" with The Herbs offerings.......
And when you think of tv spin-off jigsaws from the period,the name that keeps cropping-up is Arrow Games.
So it's no surprise they were responsible for all 3 sets here -2 for The Herbs and 1 for The Adventures of Parsley.
And what's particulary nice is that they all used still photos of the actual puppets and scenery.Although not all lifted directly from the series footage ,because some were clearly specially staged for the purpose -either at the time of filming with a view to future use,or after the event when a licensing deal had actually been done.

The sizes of the sets did vary however.As did the materials used.And I presume the decisions about box sizes and whether to use wooden or cardboard pieces had more to do with production costs than sales potential.Although the use of cardboard over wood could also serve as a handy metaphor for the problems faced by most large British toy manufacturers of the time,as they got sucked into a downward spiral of producing lower quality goods to try to offset increasing labour costs.And we all know how that ended up.
But you're not here to listen about the demise of the british toy industry.And it's too darn depressing anyway quite frankly.
So I'll end by getting back on-message with these "thanks for the memory" pics.......

Sets in chronological order.
NOTE:- the pics below are all the same size,but if you check the measurements you'll see that the boxes for the 1st set are actually a fair bit smaller than the other 2
The Herbs     Set of 4   1968 copyright date

All 4 have the Arrows reference "No. 2197".They're not numbered 1 to 4,but each box mentions the fact that there are 3 others in the set.  

Small box size - approx. 21.5cm x 16.5cm x 3cm.                      15 cardboard pieces.
The Herbs     Set of 4   1969 copyright date

All 4 have the Arrows reference "No.3230W" and are numbered 1 to 4.
Large box size - approx. 31.5cm x 24.5cm x 3cm.                        20 wooden pieces.
If you have this one and can supply a better pic ,
the email address is on the homepage. Thanks
Adventures of Parsley     Set of 3    1971 copyright date

All 3 have the Arrows reference "No.2315" and are numbered 1 to 3.

Large box size - approx. 29cm x 23.5cm x 3cm.                     20 cardboard pieces.
If you have this one and can supply a better pic ,
the email address is on the homepage. Thanks