The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

A set of 6 biscuit tins,designed and produced in 1969 by Huntley,Boorne and Stevens,who were an affiliate company of Huntley and Palmers.

They're only small -about 6" in diameter- and embossed on the bottom with "Huntley and Palmer Iced Biscuits for Children"

I've had to obtain permission to use these pics and was also happy to pay a small fee to do so.
As all 6 are in the possession of Reading Museum

Why them   ? Well,the Company was based in Reading,and when production finally ceased the Museum secured a large collection of their tins and archive material,with the help of Lottery Funding.
And a perfectly justified use of such funds imho,as preserving our social history is important.

But,whether you agree with that or not,it'll definitely be one of the more interesting biscuit company sites you'll ever visit !
Ref. 226/3415 - "Sage 'n' chives" 
Ref. 226/3417 - "Parsley 'n' Tarragon" 
Ref. 226/3419 - "Dill 'n' Constable Knapweed"

 Ref. 226/3418 - "Sir Basil" 
 Ref. 226/3416 - "Lady Rosemary"  
Ref. 226/3420 - "Bayleaf 'n' Pashana Bedhi" 
On this page ..... It's biccie time,Huntley and Palmer style.And whilst the company may have perished,their tins live on.