The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley   Classic BBC kid's animation by Michael Bond
The main body is made of hard plastic or resin.It's then covered with a sort of felt-like finish and embellished with fabric. And whilst the word "flock" seems to crop up a lot with these types of figures,I'm not entirely sure whether it's appropriate or not to be honest.
Putting a date to it isn't an exact science either,because HCF figures are notoriously difficult to find with their original packaging. In fact,I've never actually seen a single one "as sold",so I can only presume they came in something very disposable like a plastic wrapper,rather than a box.And the only thing I can say for sure is that this one's definitely pre-1980.Because whilst it's true that all their figures came with a small gold sticker attached,it only ever carried the company name and "Made in Hong Kong" and never a date.But all serious collectors still prefer them to be there,so please don't be tempted to throw them away !

As with all items of Herbilia,it's anyone's guess how well it sold.But it's certainly not the rarest of items,and I'd imagine some people bought him simply because he was a funky little item in his own right,irrespective of the tv connection -and probably still do today,when survivors crop up.
You'll be very lucky to find a better example than the one pictured though,because the dyes are very prone to fading.So keep them away from the sun.And my thanks to Herbs collector Dawn Foster-Denham for doing just that and sending in the pics.
I'm never really sure whether something like this should be described as a "toy" or not.
There are "stuffed toys" and "cuddly toys" of course,but this is just a solid object -no 'give',no squeek,nothing.And very small,at just 5" long by 4" tall.So,maybe we should just call it a "novelty" ?
It was made by H.C.Ford of London,who are probably best known to sci-fi collectors for bringing out a range of Star Wars stationary items.But long before that they'd been turning out these sorts of small figures for all manner of kids' tv programmes.And usually ranges rather than one-off's,although this is the only Herbs character I've ever seen.
On this page ...... what appears to have been a one-off parsley