The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

Putting an exact date to it is proving difficult.As it is with all HCF products.
Because whilst it's true that their figures came with a tiny gold sticker attached to the underside,it only ever carried the company name and "Made in Hong Kong" and never a date.
And finding one with any original printed packaging seems to be bordering on Holy Grail territory.

As with all items of Herbilia,it's also anyone's guess how well it sold.
But they do crop up quite frequently on ebay.And I'd imagine some people bought him originally simply because he was a funky little item in his own right,irrespective of the tv connection.

You'll be very lucky to find a better example than the one pictured though,as the dyes are particularly prone to fading.
So keep them away from the sun !
And my thanks to Dawn Foster-Denham for doing just that and sending in the pics.
This Parsley was made by H.C.Ford of London Limited,who produced all sorts of small novelty items in the 70's and 80's.
Many of which were these sorts of small figures for all manner of kids' tv programmes.
And usually ranges rather than one-off's,which makes this single Herbs character somewhat unusual.

It's just 5" long by 4" tall.
A solid object,with no "give" or squeek.So I suppose it's best described as a display item rather than a toy.
The main body is made of hard plastic or resin.It's then embellished with a sort of flock and felt finish.
On this page ...... what appears to have been a one-off rather than a range.