The above photo comes from the 1970 Chad Valley Catalogue.

The description makes it seem like they were the only ones produced.
But then you look at an A-list omission like Constable Knapweed and think there must have been 
some others.
And whilst Sage would be particularly challenging to convert into a glove puppet,I think you'd be a
disappointed young fan if he wasn't included too.
And so on ...

But we'll need to get hold of the 1968 & 69 catalogues to find out definitively.
And I'm keeping an eye out.

The only actual survivor I've ever seen is this version of Sir Basil. [pic courtesy of Dawn Foster-Denham]

Apart from some hair loss,he looks to have come through remarkably unscathed -even retaining his monocle,which has to rate as some kind of minor miracle,assuming it's the original.

Dawn informs me that it has a label saying "Hygenic Toys,made in England by the Chad Valley Co. Limited".
Although I'm not sure how "hygenic" it probably was as the back of the jacket is sewn-up rather than held on with popper fastenings,so removing it for a wash would've been interesting.And it doesn't seem like the front ever had any buttons either,which is also a little odd,if only from an aesthetic point of view.
No copyright date either,which is a pity.

But a really colourful item though,which kids probably had a lot of fun with,whilst also learning about the effects of excessive alchohol consumption !
The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

On this page ..... a set of glove puppets produced by Chad Valley in 1970,and possibly even earlier.