A nice colourful looking box,in which you got.....
  • a thin piece of flexible card,slightly smaller than the size of the box,that was covered in light blue felt
  • a selection of characters and bits of scenery printed on cardboard,that also have the same felt on the reverse.
  • and this instruction sheet............
The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

On this page ..... A set produced by Topsail Games in 1970 to cash in on the sequel's tv debut that same year.
The pieces don't fall off the board if you hold it up.But as it's just felt,and not velcro,they do need to
be pressed down well.And even then there are no guarantees.
And,pictured right,is the very flimsy (and flexible) backing board it came with ..........

All the pieces originally came on 2,or maybe 3,press-out sheets like the one survivor below.
Although how many pieces in total seems to have varied from box to box,as it only states there are
"over 60".And this particular set has 65 (if you count things like the big trees as 3 etc.)

Why did they call it "Cling Pic" and not "Fuzzy Felt" ?
Not sure. But presumably there was some sort of copyright issue.

The artwork,although un-credited,looks like it could be the work of Ivor Wood.
Not only the chief animator/designer for The Herbs but also a talented illustrator,whose work was featured in both the 2 paperback book spin-offs (details on-site here).

Nice box ....

As so often happens when I look back at these items now,I tend to covet the box far more than the contents.Although that's coming from someone who never actually remembers playing with,a single fuzzy felt set. 
And whilst I've subsequently excused this worrying gap in my toy cv by reasoning that they were a girlie-thing,I'm pretty sure that's not actually true !