The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

On this page ..... the 1968 Chad Valley "Give-a-Show" projector set.

The example shown below belonged to a friend of mine.And it's survived remarkably unscathed I have to say.

He couldn't actually remember what he thought of it at the time,or even how much he used it.
But,judging by the excellent condition,the answer to both is probably "not very much".
And he's now moved it on,without so much as a backward glance.
But,if you disposed of yours and actually wished you hadn't,then I hope this at least brings back some nice memories. 

Although you may possibly remember yours looking somewhat different.Because the projector also came in blue

And the set was also then given a marketing overhaul in 1972.
Re-emerging under the "Sliderama" brand name,with an orange projector .... Box .... Contents
As well as the slides that were included with each set,the entire range was also available to buy seperately as well.
So each set was effectively a starter kit,should you wish to take it any further.

They were sold in boxes,or on cellophane-wrapped sheets of card.

And the ones that came as part of this particular set were ....

The Herbs x 4 - all detailed further down the page.

Pogles Wood x 4

Another excellent series from messrs Posgate & Firmin [ pre-Bagpuss & Clangers ]
But only shot in b&w sadly,which did nothing for its tv longevity. Wiki 

Joe x 4

An unusual series,that's often overlooked now.
About a rosey-cheeked boy with a pudding basin haircut,whose family ran a transport cafe. Wiki

Hector's House x 4

A French import like the Magic Roundabout.
Just as surreal,but without the English wit & charm that Eric Thomson added to Dougal and chums. Wiki
Some facts and figures about the projector

All measurements are in 1960's imperial of course.

Box Size - 11" x 9" x 2.5" deep

Projector - 9.25" x 2.25"

Slides - 10.5" x 1.75"

Extras - the slot that took the slide strips horizontally could also be accessed from the top for individual 35mm slides.
[ A little known fact,as so few kids had access to any. ]

Projector Design - aside from a few design tweeks over the years,the most noticeable difference most people remember is simply that it came with either a red or blue body ... or orange if you got the later "Sliderama" version.
Links to pics of both those variations in the top paragraph.
Manufacturers Notes :-

Quote Plastic lens and reflectors are used and we ask users not to expect the perfect optical results obtained from an expensive lens. " .... Fair enough,if a tad obvious .... But there's more ....

Quote " The lens may look cloudy or scratched,but such apparent imperfections will affect the picture so slightly as to be barely noticeable." .... Hurrah !

Oh,and of course ...

Quote " Batteries not included " .... which is a bit like buying double glazing only to find the glass isn't included.

But when you did get your  3 U2 flashlight batteries " (LR20's),they filled the full length of the lower tube.

And,like all batteries of the time,were universally expensive,frighteningly short-lived and just as quick to bleed all over the place at a moments notice .... a bit like the Duracell Bunny going down with mixamatosis.

So that's no batteries included .... and no screen either.
But the box recommends the use of the underside of the lid.
Although bedroom ceilings and walls after "lights out" were probably the preferred choice.

The Herbs slides :- with the official reference numbers
No. 273  "Meet the Herbs" (pictured)                    No. 274  "A Shake Up for Sage" 

No. 275  "Parsley's Magic Soup"                             No. 276  "A Lift Up for Dill"

Whilst the same four series featured in the later "Sliderama" version,the titles and ref. numbers of the slides were different.

As with all the Give-A-Show slides,telling a story in just 7 pics wasn't easy ! 
But the artwork was usually vivid and engaging.And,whilst uncredited,these Herbs ones were clearly done by one of the artists who worked on the books and comics.